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Cascade Enforcement Employee Tracking Solution
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CEA Employee Tracking Solution


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Cascade Enforcement Parking Solution
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Guest parking is notoriously abused and difficult to enforce...until now: our innovative Virtual Attendant provides easy and fast 24/7 guest vehicle registration, automatically enforces your visitor rules to prevent abuse by residents (or de-facto residents), and makes enforcement simple and clear.

Virtual Attendant for Guest Parking

Virtual Attendant is an easy-to-use solution to ensure fair use of guest parking with built-in limits to stop abuse. The result is more available space for your guests and less hassle for you.

CEA Parking Solutions Benefits

Multifamily parking is notorious for abuse and community friction. Our managed parking solution keeps residents accountable and visitor parking open for guests. That means fair parking for everyone and peace of mind for you. In short, parking harmony.

Budgets are a big part of community management, but parking doesn’t have to be a big part of the budget. Add the benefits of fair and managed parking for a reasonable monthly cost or generate revenue by charging residents a small, one-time permit fee for each one of their vehicles.

Cascade Enforcement Employee Tracking Solution
CEA Security Workforce Management Platform

TrackTik is the only software in security workforce management that makes it easy to run your business better in real time. From incident reporting, to guard tours, scheduling, payroll and data analytics, our mobile and web cloud-based software will help you optimize and streamline your operations and provide you with actionable insight through integrated field operation and back office solutions

CEA Employee Tracking Solution

Corporate reputation, superior security service, efficient guard management are all goals you have identified as a corporate security professional. Learn how TrackTik can be there at every step of the process. Speak to one of our experts today!

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