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At Cascade Enforcement, our services are tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. We work with a variety of clients, from individuals to large management companies serving a number of apartment complexes, corporate offices, shopping centers, stores and nearly everything in between. Our agents are trained in a variety of specialty areas, so you are sure to receive the highest-caliber agent for your job.
Patrol services in Washington
Patrol services in Washington
On site security officer
On site security officer
On site security officer
Patrol services in Washington

Response services in Oregon
Response Service

We can provide a day/night time site consultation and evaluation of your property and design a response package customized to best protect your business or residence. We will supply you with GPS reports, prompt notification of any disturbances and quality checks to offer you the best service.

Our alarm response services will:

  • Record employee movements by GPS and Geo Tag system.
  • Generate reports of unusual activities via Client response.
  • Perform checks at specified or random intervals at pre-established hourly rates
  • Provide immediate notification to preset contacts in case of an emergencyss


Our GPS technology also ensures that are reports are time-stamped, certified and 100 percent accurate. If our services generate findings that you want to use in a lawsuit, our certified reports can be entered as evidence.

Alarm Response

Cascade Enforcement Agency has vast number of alarm clients and many of these clients have multiple locations. Our years of experience have allowed us the ability to clear alarm calls in a precise and efficient time frame. The response is generally through a dispatch center to our agents but can also be customized through the Virtual Agent system, which uses cameras to patrol your property. Expect thorough communication from us in all alarm response circumstances.

  • 30 minutes or less response time
  • Computer documented daily reports by 9am

Alarm response services include:

  • An established protocol on how to handle alarm responses and who to contact in an emergency situation
  • A detailed report of any incident immediately sent out for review by 9AM following response
  • A monthly retainer fee for alarm response services with an established hourly response rate to maintain our high level of customer service
  • Tracked prompt response to properties using a GPS and Geo Tagging Services

We will equip you with an alarm protocol and response at an affordable price. Contact us to receive a quote customized for your situation.

Patrol services in Oregon

Parking enforcement in Beaverton

Surveillance Security Through CCTV Cameras

In addition to our on-site and auto parking patrol services, we offer surveillance options in which we monitor your home or business from afar. One of the ways we do that is our Virtual Agent program, where an agent monitors your property via closed-circuit television (CCTV Cameras). Benefits of the Virtual Agent program include:

  • Providing an extra set of eyes to ensure the safety or your home or business
  • It is typically an inexpensive enforcement service because it requires no gas or on-site presence
  • If the Virtual Agent views an issue on the CCTV cameras, we will dispatch armed officers to address the situation

We can handle surveillance for loss prevention cases, setting up CCTV cameras in a workplace to monitor employee movements, and many other situations. We are happy to cover you under our CCTV security services.

On-Site Services

We offer clients the ability of our agents (armed or unarmed) to be on their premises at any time for a temporary or permanent assignment (e.g., fire watch, alarm system installs, burglary systems).

Our on-site services include:

  • Agents for security details at any time of the day or night for all specified hours
  • Client Portal Access to information, disturbance calls, and incident and maintenance reports to property management by 9AM next business day

Our on-site agents are trained and skilled in:

  • Incident protocol
  • Detailed situational awareness
  • Effective communication
  • Customer service
Night patrol security services Beaverton oregon

Security Guards in oregon
Electronic Security

Electronic security recommendations from CSI save you time and hassle

We know that selecting the right electronic security system provider is an important and difficult decision. That’s why we’ll talk with you about your unique needs and do all the legwork to research high-quality quotes and bids. Then you make the final decision, hassle-free!

Choosing Cascade Enforcement will ensure that:

  • You don’t sign an unwanted long-term contract
  • You don’t get overcharged by an equipment vendor
  • You’re aware of any free installation options applicable to your needs
  • You don’t waste time comparing provider options


Your time is important. We’ll make sure that you don’t have to call 4 or 5 different vendors and struggle to compare quotes.

Your location’s unique needs will be met. Our security experts will make customized recommendations based on an analysis of your needs and identify the optimal provider deals.

Your system will have great value. We know the best solutions for different contexts and how much the systems should cost. We choose only the most reputable vendors, many of which have 30 to 40 years of security experience.

With Cascade Enforcement, you also have the option to have your newly installed electronic security system monitored. You can augment your purchase with Alarm Response, Patrol Services, and Back-up security services.

Get a high-quality system in three simple steps:

  • Meet with us
  • Receive custom bids, vetted for your unique needs
  • You get to make the final decision

Emergency Services

We offer emergency services at all times to both current clients and non-clients since security is a seven-day-a-week, 24-hours-a-day job. At Cascade Enforcement Agency, our goal is to ensure public safety and provide exceptional care when you need it most.

Knowing that accidents can happen at any time, we provide emergency care. The members of the staff are well-trained to work speedily and professionally to offer assistance with minimal information.

For our current clients, emergency services are classified as issues that arise outside of regularly assigned hours that we work with your business. Your contract will have a built-in rate for emergency services that will go into effect under those circumstances. We guarantee that we will respond to any emergency situation within four hours of receiving the call.

In addition, we respond to emergency calls from non-clients that don’t currently have our service. We will assess those businesses an emergency rate and will perform the job at that rate. We discovered that non-clients who received our emergency services are so pleased with the quality of our work. As a result, they often sign up with regular Cascade Enforcement Agency services after we have worked with them.

Security Guards in oregon

Best Security Services in Beaverton Oregon

Additional Services

At CEA, our job is to ensure the safety and security of our clients. We are a full-service security agency that works with a wide range of clients. In addition to the services listed above, we often provide:

  • Security guard service Washington
  • Loss prevention
  • On-call agents
  • Vehicle and foot patrols
  • Locking and unlocking buildings
  • City Parking Enforcement
  • Special events patrol
  • Executive protection and employee escorts
  • Serving legal notices and termination notices
  • Security Consulting
  • C.C.T.V. (cameras)
  • I.D. theft services/legal plans

Our dispatchers are available 24 hours, offering you immediate contact to help our clients with their needs.

Because most of our services are tailored uniquely to fit your needs, we assess your property and/or situation before providing a cost estimate. Please contact us today for a meeting.


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