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Our Parking Boss Platinum Partnership includes a FREE Basic Setup package ($395 value) and 30% off your monthly service fee!.

WHY CEA Parking Solution?





Multifamily and HOA parking is notorious for abuse and community friction. CEA Smart Parking managed parking solution helps us keep residents accountable and visitor parking open for guests. That means fair parking for everyone and peace of mind for you.

We are an innovative parking management software company in Beaverton that likes to think big. With our team of experts, we thrive to be ahead of the curve so that you can stay relevant and profitable in a quickly changing landscape. With our app, users will now be able to register parking spaces, prepay wherever required, receive notifications before their pass expiration, easily access their favourite locations, add their car to a waiting list and review their pass history. So, get the smart city parking enforcement in Beaverton, Oregon with us.

The package includes: 10 random patrols per month, Visitors parking software, City Parking enforcement via warning tickets and immobilization and No extra cost monthy parking registration and management.
Parking enforcement in Beaverton
Why CEA Smart Parking Solution?
  • Establish fairness in parking
  • Self-serve guest parking with time limits
  • Revenue generating opportunity
  • Works even when you’re not
  • Increased security built in
  • Find unauthorized tenants
  • Uses the technology you already have
  • Make informed decisions with reports
Self Managed Pay per Spot Parking

Get a parking space from a wide selection of locations across your city. Park and Pay provides building owners with the full range of feautures to customize the terms and conditions on one space or an entire parking lot.

You can also schedule patrols and city parking enforcement staff to monitor, send notifications, and validate tickets.

Parking enforcement in Beaverton

Resident Parking


Resident vehicles should be easy to identify and verify: Smart Decals make this a snap. We’ve taken the standard window sticker to the next level with a smartphone-scannable barcode that instantly validates. This takes the hassle out of determining whether or not a permit has been revoked, matches the vehicle it’s assigned to, or is parked in the right place.


The Metal Signs are used in every parking lot. They give the visitors specific information about the lot and a QR code that directs them to the Cascade portal for easy access.

The Fridge Magnets are given to all residents/occupants of a building. They contain unique access credentials to each parking lot. With them occupants will be able to buy visitors’ permits for their guests and/or renew their monthly passes without having to contat the office.

Parking Solutions in Oregon
Parking Solutions in Oregon

The Field Agent app along with Smart Warning stickers provides the tools your board members or third party courtesy patrol needs to effectively and efficiently enforce your community rules.

The Field Agent app along with Smart Warning stickers provides the tools your board members or third party courtesy patrol needs to effectively and efficiently enforce your community rules.

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